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Introduction to Aptible

Aptible is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) used by companies that want their development teams to focus on their product, not managing infrastructure.

Like other PaaS solutions, Aptible streamlines the code shipping process for development teams, facilitating deployment, monitoring, and infrastructure scaling. This includes:

  • A simplified app deployment process to deploy code in seconds
  • Seamless integration with your CI/CD tools
  • Performance monitoring via Aptible's observability tools or integration with your existing toolset
  • A broad range of apps, databases, and frameworks to easily start and scale your projects
  • Flexibility in choosing your preferred interfaces — using the Aptible CLI, dashboard, or our Terraform provider

What sets Aptible apart from other PaaS solutions is our commitment to scalability, reliability, and security & compliance.

Deploy your code

Deploy your custom code in minutes or with one of our starter templates below.

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