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What to Expect

Interested in joining our team? Here's a quick summary of what life @ Aptible looks like, and what you can expect in your application process.

High Talent Density & Compensation

High Talent Density & Compensation Aptible has an ambitious mission and strategy that we cannot achieve without a talented and motivated team. If we had to summarize it, we'd say: we're looking for drivers, not passengers.

To achieve high talent density, we offer new employees at 90th percentile for their role and proactively monitor compensation to ensure the entire team stays at 90th percentile.

Trust & Accountability

Contributions to our culture and achieving mutual trust are critical factors in our hiring, quarterly review, and promotion processes.

We ask each team member to act with a high degree of autonomy. In exchange, we look for team members to uphold the following traits, known internally as “CREATE.”

  • Committed to achieving
  • Resilient and flexible
  • Engaged in the team
  • Accountable for deliverables
  • Transparent about progress & setbacks
  • Empathetic towards each other, customers, and the world

We're fully distributed, so enjoy the flexibility of working from home, a local co-working space, or your favorite coffee shop.

However, we come together in interesting locations
throughout the world as a team, several times per year.


90th Percentile Compensation

Cash compensation for team members is pegged to 90th percentile for each employees role and level. We use industry-standard compensation databases to determine offers, and we proactively monitor comp data to ensure employees are always at 90th percentile.

Company-Sponsored Health Benefits

For US-based employees, Aptible sponsors 100% of employee health, dental, and vision. Aptible sponsors 80% of family health benefits, with 100% coverage of dental and vision. Aptible offers a range of plans to cover employees at various stages of life and benefits preferences.

Open PTO Policy & 11 Company Holidays

Aptible employees are empowered to take off the time they need. Managers are expected to track time off to ensure that each employee is taking enough time.

Aptible also has 11 company-sponsored holidays. During times of broad PTO (e.g. around the end of the year), we offer bonus compensation for support & SRE coverage.

Professional Development Budget

Each employee is provided with a $3,000 annual budget to use towards learning and professional development experiences.

We ask team members to share their learnings within Aptible or publicly by publishing a blog post recap of what they've learned.

We are also voracious readers and sponsor book purchases that assist with work and professional development.

New Hire & Hardware Budget

Each new employee is offered $1,700 towards anything they need to make their workspace their own.

This is separate from hardware purchases. Aptible purchases new Apple (M1/M2/M3) laptops for all team members, and refreshes laptops every 3 years.

Parental Leave

Aptible offers 14 weeks of paid parental leave at 100% of base pay and full continued benefits (US employees).

This is available to all new parents who have worked at Aptible for at least 180 days. For more recent hires, paid leave is available on a prorated basis.

Timing of leave is also flexible, and can be extended (unpaid) at the discretion of the manager.

Remote Forever

Aptible has been remote from day one. We enjoy meeting in person when we can, but there has never and will never be a RTO (return to office).

Team Meetups

Even though we are remote, we think it's critical team members work together periodically. We get the full team together regularly in interesting locations. Previous meetup spots include: Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, New York, and Mexico City.

Smaller group and team meetups happen frequently and organically, based on team member locations and interest.

Interview Process

We conduct Structured Interviews at Aptible, which means that we use the same methods to assess candidates who are being considered for the same role, because research shows that they can be predictive in candidate performance. For each open position, we use the same interview questions, grade a candidate's responses on the same scale, and make hiring decisions based on consistent, predetermined qualifications.

Introduction to Aptible

Though you may speak with a recruiter first, the first “official” step of the hiring process is an intro call with the hiring manager. The point of this brief call is to provide extreme transparency so that you can decide whether Aptible and the role are a fit for you. Internally, we refer to this as the “Pitch” call.

Resume walkthrough interview

Generally, our second interview is a Resume Walk. During the Resume Walk, an Aptible team member asks a structured series of questions about each of your most recent 2-4 professional experiences.

Technical interview

For each role, we design a separate “technical” interview that digs into specific questions about your background, experience and knowledge as it relates to the qualifications for the role.

Work sample exercise

Each role has a bespoke work sample. Take home “projects” are compensated. Other work sample exercises include discussion based interviews on specific topics (like a recent HN thread) or a sales pitch.

Values interview

Though we look for markers that candidates can contribute to and extend our culture throughout the interview process, one of the final interviews is a “Values interview” administered by a senior member of our team.


We ask that you provide email addresses and brief descriptions of your working relationship with at least 3-4 references. We prefer a mix of direct managers and direct reports (for managerial roles).


All team members involved in the hiring process will discuss and debate your candidacy, prioritizing ability to contribute to our culture and likely performance and impact in your role. If we choose to make you an offer, you'll first receive a verbal offer from your hiring manager and later receive a written, executable offer letter from our people ops team. Congrats!