The No Infrastructure Platform used by engineering teams to launch, grow, and scale their applications

Deploy, configure, and control access for your apps


Choose the deployment option that works best for you: use git push to push your code to Aptible or deploy directly from a Docker image. Integrate Aptible with your existing CI/CD and automate future deployments and resource management through developer-friendly CLI commands or by using the Aptible Terraform provider for infrastructure-as-code management.


All your resources are deployed in Containers. Aptible offers three Container Profiles with unique CPU-to-RAM ratios and sizes to provide flexibility and cost-optimization by allowing developers to select the workload-appropriate Profile.

Developers can also create an ephemeral Container configured identically to their app containers. These Ephemeral SSH Sessions are great for debugging, one-off scripts, and to run ad-hoc jobs.


Expose your apps to clients over the public internet via Endpoints. In Aptible, an Endpoint is always associated with a given Service. All traffic received by the Endpoint will be load-balanced across all the Containers for the service, allowing for High Availability. And IP Filtering locks down which clients are allowed to connect to your Endpoint.

Managed Databases that automate provisioning, maintenance, and scaling


Instantly provision and scale OSS Databases in a single click, including: PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, MYSQL, and MongoDB.


Aptible automatically handles configuring and managing—scaling, in-place upgrades, backups, database replication, network isolation, encryption, and more—of databases.


Get quick convenient ad-hoc access to your database with Database Tunnels. Tunnels create an ephemeral connection—timing out after 24 hours—between your local workstation and a database running on Aptible.

Keep your app performant with monitoring, logging, and on-demand scaling


Container logs captured by Aptible can be routed to third-party logging destinations—Datadog, Elasticsearch, Sumologic, S3, and more—for review, alerting, and archiving.


Aptible captures metrics for your app and container performance like memory and CPU load, database IOPS, and disk usage. You can analyze these metrics via visualizations provided by Aptible or via integrations with monitoring tools like—Datadog, Grafana, or Telegraph.


As your app's usage grows, Aptible scales with you. Aptible helps you to monitor performance with Container Metrics and scale your infrastructure on-demand—both horizontally and vertically—without ever having to worry about any underlying configurations or capacity availability.

Engineering-led support and enterprise-grade reliability minimize downtime


Engineering-led support continues to be Aptible's secret weapon and consistently exceeds even our toughest customer's expectations.


Aptible's processes are designed to ensure high availability and minimize downtime from AWS outages. Everything Aptible does is backed by 99.95% uptime SLAs for reliability. And SRE coverage for incident response ensures you remain up-and-running and successful.