Aptible Pricing

Our pricing is designed to grow with you. All customers get:

  • Free Trial or Proof of Concept

  • Get Started with Flexible On Demand Pricing

  • Volume Discounts for Committed Usage

Launch a new project

Deploy apps and databases hosted by Aptible.



+ Compute and Storage Costs

  • App Deployment: Launch apps up to 80% faster than ECS with zero downtime using Automatic CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Docker, or Web UI.

  • Managed Databases: Launch 9 different databases up to 90% faster than RDS with automatic clustering, replication, and backups.

  • Deploy Globally for High Availability: Provision across 15+ regions and multiple availability zones for high availability.

  • Managed Platform Engineering: All resources can be managed via dev friendly CLI, UI, API, or Terraform and can be automatically configured for Managed Logging and Monitoring.

  • Scalability & Performance: Instantly scale your resources based on demand.

  • Reliability & Support: Available 99.99% Uptime SLA., Available 24/7 Support, SRE, and SecOps.

  • Security: Managed IAM, Available SAML SSO/SCIM, Network Isolation and Automatic Encryption.

  • Compliance & Audit Reporting: Show your infrastructure complies with SOC 2, HIPAA, HITRUST (Inheritance Available), and PCI-DSS, Infrastructure Activity Reporting Available.


Launch a platform in your existing cloud accounts

Standardize infrastructure running in your own cloud accounts.



  • Internal Developer Platform: Turn your existing infrastructure and code into the foundation for your internal developer platform.

  • Live Cloud Architecture Diagram: Get a live view of the status of all Services, Dependencies, and all Logging and Metrics across your infrastructure.

  • Visual Deployment Pipeline: Keep your deployment pipeline moving by analyzing that status of each merge including what failed and why.

  • Managed Deployments: Automatically enable advanced deployments: Blue Green, Canary, CI/CD Integration, Ephemeral Environments and Managed Autoscaling/Rightsizing.

  • Platform Engineering Tooling: Automatically enforce your requirements for IAM, Log and Metric Collection, Security and Compliance, Networking.

  • Platform Reporting: Evaluate security, compliance, cost, as well as deployment frequency, lead time, change failure rates, and service restoration time.

  • Reliability & Support: Available 99.99% Uptime SLA., Available 24/7 Support, SRE, and SecOps.

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