Aptible Achieves Milestone in PCI Compliance with SAQ D Level 2 Certification for Service Providers

Mat Steinlin
Mat Steinlin
Product & Engineering

We are proud to announce that Aptible has successfully completed the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) D for Service Providers (SP) Level 2 attestation, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to uphold the highest standards of security and PCI compliance.

Empowering Our Customers and Aptible

🔒 Targeting PCI Compliance? Aptible is here to assist! Reach out to us for a detailed conversation on how we can support your compliance journey.

Achieving SAQ D PCI Compliance for Service Providers Level 2 was made efficient by aligning our HITRUST R2 assessment requirements with PCI standards. We encourage our customers targeting PCI compliance to explore the HITRUST score within the Security & Compliance Dashboard for insights and guidance on aligning their compliance strategies similarly.

This accomplishment affirms that Aptible is fully compliant and authorized to host entities processing up to 300,000 transactions annually. This compliance not only strengthens our security framework but also ensures our readiness to meet and exceed the attestation demands of our customers.

Customers can access our compliance attestation through the trust center at However, access is not granted by default; customers must request it through their accounts or by contacting Aptible Support.

The Road to Level 1 Compliance

Having attained Level 2 compliance, the transition to Level 1 compliance is within closer reach! While progressing to Level 1 is not on our immediate roadmap, it remains an open option for the future, especially to support our customers with more advanced PCI compliance needs.

Aptible's platform showcases a high level of maturity, expandability, and flexibility, which are all essential qualities for any developer experience-focused provider. As your business grows, Aptible grows with you, providing you with reliable and adaptable solutions that cater to a wide range of compliance and security requirements.

Aptible is more than a platform; we are your partner in growth. With our proven track record of robust security solutions and mature infrastructure, we’re ready to scale with you as you expand. Explore how we can support your growth and take the next step in securing a future that scales with your ambitions.

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